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Boa noite,

Como sugestão de algumas pessoas, estaremos postando aqui (na sua língua original), as mudanças mais importantes que trazemos a vocês players, através das atualizações.


CHANGELOG - 14.10.2011:

• Fixing some skills;
• Fixing a EXPLOIT where players buy items at 10.000 and then sell it to a NPC for 50.000 getting adena easily, but now using H5 price;
• Added Support for Critical Announcements (command //critannounce - with a config for add sender name before the announce);
• Removing invalid NPC Skills;
• Priest Of Blessing minor code update;
• Hellbound related fixes: * Beleth HTML;
• Possessor Of A Precious Soul 3 quest update to H5;
• Added H5 NPCs;
• Added Missing Limited Period Items;
• Removed hero voice flood protection for GMs;
• Jude's Request bypass fix;
• Lighting Shock has been changed from physical skill to magic skill;
• Quest fixes:
* Jude's Request(690) script path typo fix,
* Matras' Curiosity(132) HTML fixes;
• Implemented Morale Boost Buff (Level 1, 2 and 3). The buff only remains while you are in Dragon Valley;
• Little update of Shift + click on npc now it will display item icon(Drops);
• Implemented the Final Emperial Tomb (Instanced Frintezza);
• Some SQL Updates;
• Implemented The Hellbound datapack: quests , teleports, Instances, Ais and Voiced Commands (.hellbound);
• Summons now share master's elementals;
• Some fixs at spawnlist;
• Prevent a bug causing players continue moving while paralyzed;
• Final Form Skills update;
• New skill trees on XMLs;
• Now the Noblesse characters are now bound by a set number of matches they can join per week at Olympiads (the maximum number resets at the beginning of each Olympiad cycle);
• Implemented Instance for new olympiad;
• Support for Totem items;
• Implemented Siegable halls;
• Implemented H5 Birthday System;
• Minor typo fix in Q148 PathtoBecominganExaltedMercenary;
• Updating GrandBosses Droplist.

Desculpa o atraso segue abaixo o novo changelog:

CHANGELOG: 08.11.2011

• Clan hall siege update: abstracting and iptmizing bandit stronghold siege, taking bandit stronghold siege closer to retail like behaviour and adding Wild Beast Reserver Siege;
• Fixing passive skills for some runes;
• Sigis and Shields cannot have element;
• Added some missing stuff, like SQL;
• Typo fix for Deltuva AI;
• NPE fix for "stats" voiced command;
• Unhardcoding Instance names;
• Updates in database_installer.bat forced (-f) to make sure all lines are imported, and for database_installer.sh also fixing a issues in database_installer.bat;
• Summons should lose all effects that doesn't last through death on Erase unless they have Noblesse Blessing or Soul of the Phoenix.
• Default sigable hall owning period is 2 weeks;
• SQL Updates: Hellbound spawn fixes, and Proper fix for Items on Ground;
• Mirror Fix in Holy Water skill;
• Quest 309 For A Good Cause update & rewrite to java;
• Removing Zaken Curse Zone
• Added NPC Wood;
• Fixing Teleports HTML;
• Typo fixes: multisell ID's, Html, and added proper items names to multisell;
• Added Fishing Guild Member Galba at Rainbow Spring Chateau;
• Arena buff fixes;
• HP/CP Recovery shouldn't be used from inside the pvp zone;
• Fixed spawns of monster derby track;
• Updating Arena Manager spawn for H5;
• Some updating at spawnlist;
• Added two raidbosses in Level Up Crystal Data;
• Now Throwing Dagger can be used with Dual Daggers;
• Updating Force Meditation & Invocation skills;
• Fixing some SQL Update files;
• Fixing some skills;
• Cursed Weapons Update: Cursed Weapon holder can use Arena Buffs and summon pets.
• Added Olympiad quests: Olympiad Starter, Veteran and Undefeated.

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